It may seem strange that a company based on property would focus so clearly on the people who live in, maintain, operate and own them.  It stands to reason that any building can be fixed with some tools and “know how” but relationships can end up costing so much more than money if they are not managed with skill.

At Radar Property Management Inc. we believe that you can always find someone to take care of your repair and maintenance needs (like us, for example!).  We know from years of experience that finding a reliable, respectful, responsible, long-term tenant is the hardest and most challenging task when it comes to the on-going operation of your investment.
We call it the 99% - 1% rule.  99% of your focus should be on the recruitment and managment of your tenants.  The other 1% of your efforts can be directed to repairs and maintenance.  There is always someone out there that can fix the building.  Tenant relationships are the key to a profitable investment.  And don't forget - the quality of your property and management will directly reflect the quality of your tenants.
Three statements which we hope our clients will believe in to help ensure a profitable investment portfolio:
  1. We believe that a rental property investment is long-term and must be maintained both aesthetically, emotionally and structurally.  We understand that this commitment requires attention and owners should be prepared financially for unforseen emergency costs.
  2. We believe that the number one asset is the tenant.  Proper time and focus should always be invested to ensure the proper recruitment of tenants that will be long-term, respectful of the investment and timely with their rent and bill payments. Tenants should always be treated with the respect they deserve and should be responded to with a sense of urgency.  An investment is only as good as the tenants who live there.
  3. We believe that an effective property manager needs access and control of many aspects of the investment much like a stockbroker or portfolio advisor.  Clients should be kept abreast of activities regarding their investment and trust in the advice and expertise of their managers to help ensure that the investment grows.  Communication is the key to success.

We hope that you see the importance of these ideas when it comes to the ongoing operation of your investment.  We know that we can help you achieve your investment goals.  Having the same philosophy is the most important step in making this happen.

Keep reading.  We know you’ll love being a part of the Radar team!
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